Ardana Protocol

The Ardana Protocol (ARD) is a Community Focused, Fair Launched, DeFi Token. 

CONTRACT (BEP-20) : 0x590e37901c4de6Af56581591290B28e382C2b352

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Whitepaper is Launched


Official Whitepaper will be Launched & Airdrop Rewards will be distributed on same day
Contract Address (BEP20)

Decentralised Web 3
platform that works for crypto adoption across the Globe!

AGC is a Technophile Company, we struggle for blockchain implementation in daily life to build an Untemptable future. We also support local NGO’s in Asia, Africa & Middle East for sake of humanity.

About Us

Specialized Autonomous Entities

Autonomous Entities will allow Ardana protocol to quickly execute on ideas and leverage the most qualified teams and decision makers without bottlenecking the ARD governance process. Proposals are currently being negotiated for the following autonomous entities.

  • ARD Ecosystem
  • Farming and liquidity cooperatives
  • R&D
  • DeFi tools
  • Charity
  • V2 Upgrade


ArdanaProtocol is integrated with API3 to power the Ardana oracle network, which provides live price feeds for 72 crypto assets. The API3 oracles reflect real time conditions on and off chain in the prices on the Ardana Protocol. Decentralization is the foundation of Ardana Protocol, and API3 guarantees a decentralized oracle service that cannot be exploited at a single point.

  • Includes Oracle operations monitoring
  • Uses data at-rest encryption for all configuration and ledger data.
  • Includes embedded ledger and configuration backups.

Why Choose Ardana Protocol


Decentralization at the core

ARDANA’s guiding philosophy is decentralization. Eliminating reliance on central operators ensures fair access to public infrastructure for all. Ardana’s products and governance are permission less and decentralized, because they attract an organic community that builds resiliency.



Financial services in cryptocurrency are a critical component to increase flexibility, efficiency, security, and visibility through reporting.

Lending, borrowing, staking, custody, accounting and tax services are all available in the Ardana ecosystem.


cost effective

ARD involves minimum amount of transaction fee that makes our transaction fast.

we are working to develop cost effective Ardana blockchain which will involve minimum transaction fee up to $0.002 .


V2 Secure Bounty

There is a Bug Bounty program for in V2 of the Ardana Protocol, in which community members can report what they believe may be bugs. Valid reports may be rewarded up to $360,000 (only for critical bugs).



Ardana is not a security but offers greater transparency

Access a unified source of accurate information on Ardana compliance and learn how the increasing number of regulations that affect cryptocurrencies around the world apply to us.


A home for builders

AGC is an internet-native organization building the future of work. Contributors come from five continents and are building new processes and products for coordinating work across the globe. For entrepreneurs, AGC offers access to decentralized tools and funding without the overhead of a traditional organization.


Community Voting & 24/7 Support

We are developing smart operations to enable a crypto-insurance system that provides support wherever and whenever you need it. Any ARD holder can join Ardana Community voting on the disputes and roadmap updates.


Decentralized collaborative decision-making system

Ardana Protocol (ARD) focuses on establishing a decentralized blockchain platform which can implement a commercial decision-making process based on Trust Contracts and Ardana Network.

Why Us?


*  Airdrop sessions are specified in Roadmap *

ARD Tokenomics Feature


Our Reserve tokens will be locked to prevent any mishandling. also team share will be divided after ARDANA Mainnet launch.


Become a Liquidity Provider & earn upto 2% commission on trading fee which will be directly deposited in wallet.


Until we get listed on Centralized exchanges, the liquidity of decentralized exchanges will be locked for 1 years just after the token launch.


the sequel of our working strategy

Phase 1 (R1-2021) √

(October 2021)

Phase 2 (R2-2021) √

(November 2021)

Phase 3 (R3-2021) √

(December 2021)

Phase 4 (R1-2022)

(January 2022 - June 2022)

Phase 5 (R2-2022)

(July 2022 - December 2022)

Phase 6 (R1- 2023)

(January 2023 - June 2023)

Phase 7 (R2 - 2023)

(July 2023 - December 2023)

Phase 8 (R1 - 2024)

(January 2024 - Onwards)
(October 2021)

Idea Development

Create a tradeable digital token that can be used as a currency, a representation of AGC, a virtual share, a proof of membership to Ardana Group of Companies. ARD tokens use a standard coin API so your contract will be automatically compatible with any wallet, other contract or exchange also using this standard.

Using a blockchain is cryptographically secure - the ledger is distributed across all nodes in the system making hacking impossible. AGC believe in fair launch system so that all shares of company will be distributed fairly among our customers. through this mechanism we believe that we can make a company with better leadership abilities so that we can fulfil requirements of changing world of technology. 

we have strong believe in decentralization, that's why we are launching Ardana's native token to securely transfer us towards blockchain. for initials we choose Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to launch our digital shares, we are working to make Ardana cross chain project after V2 Upgrade in which we will launch bridges on Ethereum, Polygon, Tron, Solana & Cardano chains.

(November 2021)

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing plays a vital role in today's world. after developing the basic frame work of Ardana protocol, we activate our social media teams to capture the crypto market. we start our Twitter, Discord & Telegram  channels before token launch. after the successful launch capturing the initial market we will launch all other remaining social media platforms.

our social media team will be available to our customers 24/7 on the mail :

all activities among our project will be announced on social media platforms. we strongly recommend to stay connected to our marketing team that you will never miss any update/opportunity.



(December 2021)

Token Launch Strategy

After some long & exasperating internal sessions, our CEO & all other team members are convinced to launch the Project (ARD) in 2022. 

The token will be launched for trading & initial liquidity will be created in R1-2022.

Initially the token will be launched on Pancake swap. 

Our community token will not undergo any type of ICO, because we believe this is an unfair mean to utilize the heavy investment personnel. We will fairly launch the project that every one can participate in the initial launch of our project. We believe in first come first get policy that every one can participate in project in fair means.

As we saw a lot of  scam projects RUG PULL & taking away all money of its community, which is a shameful act. Until we launch on a centralized exchange, to prevent this action Ardana protocol will Generate a liquidity lock of 1 years & send the ownership address to Burn address, which makes a rug pull impossible for us & it can easily be verified in our Tokenomics after the token launch. 

(January 2022 - June 2022)


  • Launch on Social Media √
  • Website Launch √
  • Pancake Swap Launch (16-01-2022)
  • Liquidity Lock √
  • -  Whitepaper launch
  • -  Marketing Campaigns
  • -  Native Projects Launch
  • -  10K Holders 
  • -  Air Drop (P-1) to Early holders 
  • -  Community Air Drop (P-2)
  • -  More DEX Launch
  • -  CMC Listing
  • -  Coin Gecko Listing
  • -  Binance Listing (Strategy to list in 1.5 Year)
(July 2022 - December 2022)

Exchanges Listing & Promotion

  • -  Community awareness of project
  • -  Collaboration with Social NGO's
  • -  Intense marketing campaigns
  • -  First third party audit
  • -  ARD Staking 
  • -  KuCoin Listing
  • -  BitMart Listing
  • -  Hotbit Listing
  • - Listing
  • -  Community Airdrop (P-3)
  • -  Profit and fee distribution
  • -  100K Holders
(January 2023 - June 2023)

Metasize & Development

  • -  More Exchanges Listing
  • -  Ardana Blockchain
  • -  Website V2.0
  • -  ARD V2.0
  • -  ARD V2.0 Testnet
  • -  Ethereum Chain Bridge
  • -  Wallet (mobile & desktop)
  • -  Community Air Drop (P-4)
  • -  Tron Chain Bridge
  • -  ARD Voting Protocol Upgrade
  • -  10 Million Holders
  • -  $500 Million Marketcap
(July 2023 - December 2023)


  • -  Binance Listing
  • -  Ardana Mainnet Release
  • -  Fast exit services on Mainnet
  • -  Generic smart contract support
  • -  Ardana DEX
  • -  NFT Marketplace
  • -  Staking Rewards
  • -  ICO Launchpad
(January 2024 - Onwards)

Future Plans

Coming Soon

Upcoming Products

Ardana Blockchain

Up to 4% of Ecosystem share will be spent on our blockchain development. our blockchain will be developed in RUST programming language which provides it a robust base in safeguarding transactions & will be capable of 50,000 transactions per second with minimum transaction fee.


⇒  Fast & Secure

⇒  Lower Transaction fee

⇒  Censorship Resistant

Wallet (Mobile & Desktop)

We are developing a free web 3 crypto wallet that allows users to store and swap cryptocurrencies, interact with the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain & Ardana blockchain ecosystem, and host a growing array of decentralized applications (dApps).


⇒  Hot Storage

⇒ Aggregates market statistics

⇒  Highly Secure

ARD Governance App

ARD holders are responsible for governing the Ardana Protocol, which includes technical agreements, Ecosystem development, Charity and improving governance itself. It will let holders to vote for Ardana Protocol Governance in a more convenient & efficient way.


⇒  Soft Governance

⇒  Discourse Forum

⇒  Voting App

Ardana DEX

In addition to supporting the movement of assets, the Ardana network also acts as a decentralized distributed exchange that allows you to trade and convert assets. The ledger stores both balances held by user accounts and orders that user accounts make to buy or sell assets.


⇒  Active Liquidity

⇒  Flexible Fees

⇒  Range Orders



All Technical, Financial & Commercial information about our project & investors

Partners & Investors

Thanks to our partners who made it happen